Save the Bees!

Louis Masai Michel

is a street artist who is on a mission to raise awareness of the plight of the humble honey bee through his Save the Bees mural project .

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Michel had just returned from a trip to South Africa where he was painting endangered animals, when he began to learn about about bees and the grave implications of

colony collapse disorder.

The Bee's Reverie, Artist Masai, bee street art in London

In May of 2014, he began to paint a series of murals incorporating bees on walls around London.  Many of the bee works were done in collaboration with artist Jim Vision.


Check him out here: Louis Masai Michel

And check out these Deborah Richard Sterling Silver and 18kt gold Bee Earring jackets:


As the bee said:

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Creating beauty can be hard work!


Always… so worth it!

 Beelong sterling and 18kt gold necklace

Rose Quartz and Serenity, PANTONE “Color” of the Year 2016!

PANTONE introduces two shades: Rose Quartz and Serenity as the PANTONE Color of the Year 2016! Expect to see clothes made in various hues of these colors!

Lee_Eisemann Pantone Color of the Year 2016 ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY

And now, imagine…

the jewelry that will look awesome on the colors above…

it is obviously silver!

Spring Fresh

What a fresh look for Spring!

(Model is wearing “Birds & Bee”)


“Inbeetween” Earring Jackets… two 2016 jewelry trends in one!

According to Jennifer Heebner, (from JCK online), there are 12 jewelry trends on the horizon for 2016 (

One of the trends is studs and earrings jackets and another is whimsical designs! You can score two trends in one with these amazing earring jackets from Deborah Richard jewelry:

deborahJewls20160196 1

Named “Inbeetween”…

there is a time to rest… when you find yourself in places, “Inbeetween”.

These organic sterling silver branch earring jackets display the juxtaposition of texture and roughness next to gold and the gleam of your very own gemstone studs!

A solid 18kt gold bee sits just “Inbeetween” two branches, gently resting, reminding you to do the same.

“Hallow” 18kt rose gold cross ring

This 18kt rose gold cross ring was a custom order from a man who wanted a unique cross ring for his wife for Christmas. When we spoke, he was intrigued by the idea of rose gold, since it is not seen quite as much as white or yellow gold. I explained the huge increase in the amount of beautiful rose gold jewelry being created in recent years and he was game to try something unexpected. He said his wife liked the color purple, and so it was. I scoured the Internet, looking at all the various cross rings, wanting to make certain that I was designing something unique. In 18kt rose gold, with one round purple sapphire, surrounded by square blue sapphires, below is the finished product! I call it “Hallow” (to make holy or set apart for holy use, to respect greatly):

Unfortunately, just before Christmas, my customer was laid off from his job and really could not afford to purchase the ring. Life can be hard when bad news like that comes along, usually when least expected! I decided to finish the ring and have molds at the ready so that this ring can be reproduced just for you or someone you know and love! Email [email protected] for information. Of course, the ring could be made in other gold colors and with other colored stones.

Mother and Daughter Together Forever

This platinum and diamond ring, designed for my customer, has a bittersweet story. Upon the birth of my customer’s first child, a daughter, her mother came to visit and help out with her new granddaughter. However, while visiting, a clot in her mother’s leg dislodged, causing a thromboembolic event so traumatic that she unexpectedly died. Of course, my customer was devastated for a very, very long time.
My customer kept her mother’s diamond ring for many years with the thought that she would like to incorporate the larger diamond from her mother’s ring with the diamond from her own setting which often caught and snagged fabric. Initially, she thought she might have to purchase a third diamond to accompany the other two. However, I suggested a sophisticated, slightly modern approach, using only the two diamonds, mother’s and daughter’s, symbolically linked in love for all eternity. This is how the finished product (a size 3 3/4!), turned out.

Welcome to the Deborah Richard Jewelry blog…

Welcome to the Deborah Richard Jewelry blog!

If you’ve seen my jewelry, you know I love bees!

Colorful bees

Ironically, the Jewish name Deborah (Devorah) is Hebrew for “bee”.

For me, bees represent renewal, sweet blessings and new beginnings.

And after all, this is the beginning of a new blog…

Stay tuned…

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