Deborah Richard, Designer

As a young girl growing up among the small prairie towns of western Kansas, Deborah Richard had an imaginative mind and spirit. Inspired by her mother’s creativity, she found her own expressive outlet in crafting her own clothing (as shown) and piecing together simple jewelry from beads, shells, and leather. Her careful eye allowed her to envision how various forms could be mixed or modified.

As she left home for college, Deborah expanded her artful experimentation to include photography, poetry, and many forms of music. Deborah’s early career as a clinical laboratory scientist helped to refine her natural inclination to give special attention to the small, but intricate details in her work. She coupled this gift with her love of design and began professionally designing jewelry, her true passion.

Currently listening to:

Lovesick – Lindstrom & Christabelle | Am I Wrong – Nico & Vinz | Love Walked Out – Garage Band & Ron Richard 

Deborah’s mission is to express and share, through her jewelry, a heartfelt journey of discovery. Each piece resonates uniquely to every individual, making her art not only about appearance, but personal connection and inspiration. Deborah’s designs are carved in wax by master craftsmen, cast in the finest sterling and 18kt gold (using the ancient process of lost wax casting), enhanced with natural gemstones, and hand finished by skilled artisans in the U.S.A. These innovative and substantial designs are likely to become your most treasured keepsakes.

Deborah finds inspiration from her travels, nature, and in the coastal region where she now resides. Her bold and captivating designs circulate around the significance and beauty of nature as well as the inspiring details of architecture. Deborah believes her vision to design jewelry with beauty and significance could not have happened before this point in her life. She states, “every experience has led me one step closer to this time in life, when I have the inspiration, passion and purpose for designing Deborah Richard jewelry.